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Security Update

Monday 24th of Feb

This was sent as an email on the 24th of Feb 2014 with the subject “Important Security Update and Apology – Flood Volunteers”.

Dear Flood Volunteers,

Last night some of our Flood Volunteers received an unsolicited spam email.

Unfortunately, an individual has used the email addresses that you listed publicly in good faith on Flood Volunteers. This occurred before we implemented private messaging and were able to hide your listed contact details. We can confirm that our database is secure and we have taken the necessary steps to further increase the security of your information. We are working with the authorities to investigate this spam email that was sent to a portion of our users.

We sincerely apologise for any problems this may have caused you. During the flooding crisis the last thing you want is for someone to access your information and send you a spam email on a Sunday evening and for this we can only apologise again.

To prevent you from receiving further nuisance emails, we’d advise you to not open and delete any emails you receive from anyone other than [email protected]. Genuine messages from Flood Volunteers will also be posted here on our website; if you receive an email that is not also posted on our website, it is not a genuine Flood Volunteers email.

It is sad that someone has seen this time of crisis as an opportunity to take advantage of your good will. We’d appreciate your patience and continued support whilst we continue to deal with this situation.

As always, let’s work together to get through the flooding crisis and help those in need.

Thank you,

Flood Volunteers

(The ones that can spell)

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